Communicating with your Project Manager

Communicating with your Project Manager

Susan Fennema and I just finished our 4th Facebook live video on Project Management:  Communicating with your Project Management.
In this video we talk about communicating with your project manager and cover the following topics (and more, of course):

What information does a project manager need from a developer?

  • When you will be working on the project
  • When you have questions for the client
  • When will you not be available (other projects, other clients, vacations)
  • How do you like to work (2-3 hour blocks? all-day blocks?)
  • Best means of communication (email, Slack, project management tool)
  • When something unexpected comes up
  • Document client communications/changes

The PM is responsible for scope, budget, and time. What is the developer's role in those same things?

  • Be clear how long will each task take you
  • Be responsible for understanding the scope
  • Let PM know when  the client asked for something that is not in scope
  • When you expect to be finished ("done done") with specific tasks

The biggest takeaway is not a big secret:  keep lines of communication open and the information flowing freely.  Doing so will make your job a subcontractor (or employee) much easier and more rewarding.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

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