FileMaker Beginner Tutorials, Introverts and PostModern JukeBox

FileMaker Beginner

Sunny Chu started a youtube channel about a year ago aimed at helping FileMaker beginners get started a little faster. Below is his first video covering the basics of looping to modify groups of records.

Looping is one of the most basic script features, and is also one of the most powerful.  Anytime you need to change (or grab information from) a large set of records, a loop is generally the programmers choice.  Chu's first video breaks it down well.  And, from the comments, this video seems popular.  Check it out (and don't forget to download his free FileMaker Example file):

And check out his channel here.

Are you an Introvert?

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance the answer to that question is yes.  Developers of all stripes tend to be happy locked away in a room solving problems and creating something new.

But that tends not to be the best path to success.

And that is why Freelancing may be the best route for you to take to success.  Most introverts aren't afraid of hard work.  They just aren't comfortable being in front of crowds, real or virtual.  But your success depends, in part, on finding a way to bridge to other people.

John Rampton explains in a recent Entrepreneur article why Freelancing might be the best route to success for introverts:

Introverts not only crave their alone time, that’s also when they are able to do their best work. Unlike extroverts, introverts are able to brainstorm, draft, execute, and present projects completely on their own. They don’t need feedback from their team. They’re self-motivated. They don’t go stir-crazy after being alone for hours on-end in their home. They prefer to work in an environment that is free of distractions - even background music can have a negative impact on introverts and their cognitive performance....

Finally, freelancing allows introverts to pave their own career paths in a way that aligns and embraces their introversion. As a freelancer, you get to work wherever you like, schedule your own hours, and accept gigs from the clients or projects that interest you. And, in most cases, when you do have met with a client, theses are typically one-on-one meetings and not a large conference room setting.

Check out the whole article here. Perhaps it will start you on the path to success.

Life needs a little fun, too.

As much as I enjoy developing solutions in FileMaker, it's good to enjoy some music.  If you have never heard of PostModern Jukebox, check them out.  It's a variety of singers, performers, and musicians doing cover songs in older/different styles. Here a recent production featuring Morgan James singing Dream On. Enjoy!

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