WebDirect Printing, FileMaker PDF from Server

WebDirect Printing

Here is a fairly short (17:32) video from Richard Carlton on WebDirect Printing, with good tips for those just wanting a quick overview and for senior FileMaker developers looking for the 'gotchas'.

WebDirect does not really Print directly from a browser.  What really happens is that WebDirect generates a PDF file to the web browser, which the user then prints (or saves).

Other things to watch out for:

  • Be sure to allow popups on your browser or you won't be able to print
  • Set up the print options in the script (Print Current record, etc.)
  • Make sure to install any fonts used in your WebDirect solution on your server
  • Remember your browser will save a download only to the designated browser Download folder
  • The download of the PDF will not occur until the script has been fully completed, which makes it hard to attach a file to an email, for example, unless you use PSOS to generate the PDF and email it to the user (there is an script included to show you how)
  • PDF's can be printed from Server Side Script
  • The free example file includes quite a few extra scripts you might find handy
Download the free FileMaker WebDirect Training Tool

Print PDF's from FileMaker Server

If you are looking for a higher level view (and a shorter video), this video from Brendan McBride at DB Services is for you:

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Intel built special drones, built a controller system run by one person (OK, they had a backup standing by, so technically two people), and flew 500 drones at one time. Unbelievable, and certainly something we'll be seeing more of in the future:

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