FileMaker DevCon 2017 – Cross IT Interview

Cross IT Interview at FileMaker DevCon 2017

Bob and Laura of Cross IT were kind enough to let me interview them at FileMaker DevCon 2017:

Custom FileMaker Development and Off the Shelf Solutions

Cross IT develops custom FileMaker solutions for their clients and has three off the shelf solutions. Featured at the show was a Help Desk solution with a side of Project Management.  The other two are a forms solutions (think Survey Monkey) and a site management solution (think managing the exhibit hall we were in).

And they were giving away splat balls (you gotta see it to believe it - it's on the video).  My three young granddaughters each got one when I made it home and spent the rest of the day throwing their ball at every flat surface they could find.  Wonderful fun.

Thanks Bob! Thanks Laura!  And thanks, Cross IT!


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