FileMaker Developer Interview – Claus Lavendt


Here's what you will learn about Claus Lavendt in this video:

  • Learn about his business, Data Manix
  • Learn about his DevCon 2015 presentation on improvements in FileMaker 14.
  • Learn about his prove of concept: Speak to FM Go and have it do things for you (demo file coming later this month)
  • He just finished up V2 of his SVG tool for FM 14. You'll want this:  he brought 1500 icons directly into FileMaker with the click of a button.
  • How he got started with FileMaker - hint: he started out as a commercial photographer using FM 4
  • He just formed a strategic partnership in order to grow - learn more here.
  • What he thinks about collaboration within the FM community.
  • Learn about his favorite plugins and addons
  • Learn more about his love of working with hardware
  • Learn about his work with RFID cards and readers he designed to work with FM GO
  • Learn about what he does when he is not working
  • Learn why he likes coming to Devcon every year.

FileMaker Developer Interview - Claus Lavendt

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