Demystifying SSL and FileMaker – Mislav Kos

Demystifying SSL and FileMaker

SSL and encryption are confusing subjects that make even very smart people want to run the other way.  This is especially so when dealing with SSL and FileMaker, it seems. And that, as with any other confusing subject area, makes it a profitable subject for those willing to master it.  But where do you start?   There are figuratively reams of data out there with sometimes conflicting information.  And since every system is different, and every implementation seems to be difficult.

Don't Despair

You need clarity.  And Mislav Kos provides that clarity in his presentation, DV006 - Demystifying SSL - Mislav Kos |FileMaker Community, delivered at FileMaker DevCon 2017.  If you need to understand what SSL and security, set aside an hour to watch this video:


This video will provide you with answers:

SSL is a critical part of security, but its mechanics are not well understood. We all use SSL on a daily basis as web users, but many of us couldn’t say what is in an SSL certificate, what role certificate authorities play, or why it’s important to use a custom certificate with FileMaker Server.

This session will demystify SSL, explain its constituent parts and the steps in the process, and walk through the steps of getting and installing a custom certificate.

What You Will Learn

  • The mechanics of SSL, the role of certificate authorities, and the details of how digital signatures work
  • Why you should never use the FileMaker Server standard certification in production (this will scare you if you haven't installed SSL)
  • How to get and install a custom SSL certificate
  • Learn about some of the 'gotchas' you may encounter when setting up and using SSL with FileMaker

Here are a few more nuggets of info from the video you might find useful:

If you are a developer and want to leverage your skills, study this video and practice what's inside.

If you just want to know more about SSL and FileMaker, just watch it.  You won't regret it.

Good advice for FileMaker Developers (for you and your clients):  Pick One Thing Today to Automate

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