Update from FileMaker/Claris DevCon 19

You read that right - FileMaker is now Claris

The big news Tuesday at Filemaker Claris DevCon 19 was the name change of the wholly owned subsidiary of Apple: FileMaker Inc. has changed its name to Claris. For those not around 30 years ago, Claris was Apple's software suite, including Claris Draw, ClarisWorks, and more.

Why Change from FileMaker to Claris?

Part of the change was rebranding - FileMaker has been around for a long time and is just one product. FileMaker still exists and is the flagship product of Claris...but now there are more products. Claris is adding two distinct products in the next six months or so.

  • FileMaker Cloud
  • Claris Connect

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud is a very fast way to set up a client on a cloud based server. From a web interface, choose the license type and number of users, pay or set up a PO, click a button, and voila! – in minutes you will receive an email with login instructions to a new installation of FileMaker server on a cloud server. Pretty slick. And there will be a web based version of FileMaker Pro to allow development and modification of databases. Expect FileMaker Cloud sometime in Q1 2020 if all goes well.

Claris Connect

Claris Connect is the brainchild of Stamplay, a Naples, Italy based company that won an Apple contest for the most creative way to connect solutions to various internet services. I attended a workshop Wednesday and came away very impressed. Connecting to a service is called a "Flow", and it's as easy as 1-2-3. All the hard work - authentication, commands, security, logging, and error capture and response, just to name a few, are all taken care of by Claris Connect. There are one hundred plus connections already finished, with hundreds more in the pipeline. FileMaker is on the verge of easily connecting to the world...and it's coming this fall.

There's a lot more...

But I have to go to another workshop...and another one later today on building Particle iOT devices to connect FileMaker to hardware sensors. I'll blog more next week.

UPDATE: Just found this video from RCC

I haven't watched it yet, but it should have more info. Enjoy!

PS: If you see skinny Pac-Man icons in the new Claris logo, you're not alone. And last night's FileMaker party was a trip back to the 80's nostalgia trip. Thankfully, Claris is heading into the future, not the past. And the future looks bright.

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