Updates, History of FileMaker, Firewalls, Paypal and more

A very cool History of FileMaker Infographic from CoreSolutions.  I started using FileMaker II in 1989, and fell in love with it right away.

DB Services has renamed their free starter solution to FM QuickStart.  Get your free download here:  FM QuickStart

This looks like a pretty complete integration of PayPal and FileMaker.  Has anyone tried it?  I’d like to hear your feedback:

PayPal Notify FileMaker


Get data from PayPal transactions pushed into FileMaker automatically, instantly when the transactions occur.  No more wasting time with manual data entry from PayPal into FileMaker!

This allows you to automate procedures in FileMaker based on new PayPal payments, refunds, customer disputes, subscription payments, new or suspended profiles, and more!

A list of improvements:  Mirror Synch update to V2.6

Configuring Windows and OS firewalls for FileMaker Server

Windows and Mac OS X each have a built-in firewall that regulates which ports your server is allowed to use to communicate over the network. If the firewall is enabled on the machine where FileMaker Server is installed, configure rules in the firewall to allow the Ports used by FileMaker Server to communicate over TCP.  If any of these ports are blocked, the following services may be inaccessible from another machine: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, Custom Web Publishing, and Admin Console.

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